DCAT-AP-SE version 3.0.0 - Draft

Clarifications, translations and explanations of DCAT-AP for Sweden.

Publication date:
30:th of March 2024
Latest version:
Latest version in Swedish:
Previous stable version:
Matthias Palmér - Swedish Agency for Digital Government and MetaSolutions AB
Contributions from the reference group (in alphabetic order):
Benny Lund - Bolagsverket
Cilla Öhnfeldt - Naturvårdsverket
Edris Yaghob - Svenska kraftnät
Fredrik Emanuelsson - Riksarkivet
Fredrik Erikssson - VGR
Fredrik Persäter - Lantmäteriet
Johanna Fröjdenlund Runarsson - SKR
Lars Näslund - Trafikverket
Leon Lindbäck - Skolverket
Manne Andersson - E-hälsomyndigheten
Marcus Smith - Riksantikvarieämbetet
Markus Gylling - Riksantikvarieämbetet
Mattias Ekhem - Myndigheten för digital förvaltning
Olof Olsson - SND
Ricardo Curiel Sanchez - VGR
Susanne Gullberg Brännström - SCB
Tomas Lindberg - SGU
Tomas Monsén - Töreboda kommun
Ulrika Domellöf-Mattsson - Swedish Agency for Digital Government
Submissions of comments and general feedback:
GitHub diggsweden/DCAT-AP-SE (issues, pull requests)
On behalf of:
Swedish Agency for Digital Government
CC-BY 4.0

DCAT-AP-SE is a metadata specification introduced for the purpose of describing datasets. More specifically, DCAT-AP-SE is a Swedish adaption (a profile) of the European metadata specification DCAT-AP. DCAT-AP in turn, is an adaption (profile) of the W3C recommendation DCAT.

The diagram below shows only the primary classes, their relationships and their mandatory and recommended properties. Note that for readability, classes and properties are introduced using friendly labels in both headings and the diagram below. The actual metadata expressions, i.e. the full URIs of classes and properties, are listed in the details under each respective heading.

classDiagram Catalog --> Dataset : dataset Catalog --> Agent : publisher Dataset --> DatasetSeries : in series Dataset --> Agent : publisher Distribution --> Data_service : access service DatasetSeries --> Agent : publisher Data_service --> Agent : publisher DatasetSeries --> Contact_point : contactpoint Dataset --> Contact_point : contactpoint Catalog --> DatasetSeries : dataset Catalog --> Data_service : dataservice Dataset --> Distribution : distribution class Catalog { title description licens release date language date modified homepage theme taxonomy } class Dataset { title description keyword theme time period release date access rights geographical area } class DatasetSeries { title description keyword theme time period release date geographical area } class Distribution { web address for access description mediatype availability licens } Catalog --> Data_service : dataservice class Data_service { title endpoint URL endpoint description licens access rights } class Agent { name type } class Contact_point { kind formatted name email }